Welcome to Affaire de Coeur

Affaire de Coeur means Affaire of the Heart in French.
My “Love Affair” with the world of furniture and interior design started 10 years ago.

Since then I opened and ran a successful antique and furniture store in Orange, California; styled numerous private estates in Orange County; staged houses for realtors; coordinated Estate Sales; ran auctions; helped decorate and launch new businesses; visited over 1000+ furniture stores and auctions; purchased 1000+ pieces of furniture and over 500 gallons of paint; had over 1000000 glasses of wine.

What We Do

Residential Design

My world rotates around the world of design, furniture and creating special spaces for my customers. My database of design resources, look books and unique artisan pieces is virtually unlimited. I’m your resource, consultant, personal shopper and guide whether you are refurbishing your home, selling your home, moving to a different space or simply overwhelmed with designing tasks and shopping.

  • Interior Design
  • Redesign and Upgrades
  • Real Estate Staging
  • Furniture Sourcing & Shopping
  • Personal Shopping
  • Real Estate Sales & Liquidating
  • Organizing

Business Design

Interior Design and Decorating are powerful marketing tools not only for real estate professionals but also for business owners. My retail business experience taught me to always focus on customer guest experience and look for ways to enhance it. I cracked the formula of running a successful retail store and creating the shopping experience that is applicable to other small business owners. I have a strong focus on working with the business owners and showing them how to define their brand, customer service experience, create inviting space and translate it into a more profitable business (store, restaurant, café, venue, etc.) My store was nominated THE BEST OF OC and I can show you how to achieve this.